WCEDP Working Committees

The WCEDP is financially supported by local community governments, the County, and area businesses dedicated to enhancing the economic vitality of our region. Our member investors benefit both directly and indirectly through the services the WCEDP provides as an organization and through the advancement of the region through the Partnership’s efforts.Our dedicated supporters:


Member Investors additionally advance the Partnership and its mission through these active committees:

Board of Directors
Guides the WCEDP and ensures it’s mission is continually being achieved.

Marketing Committee
Assesses, develops, and implements strategies and tactics to effectively differentiate and promote Wright County, the Partnership, and its investors.

Membership and Events Committee
Promotes membership and investment in the Partnership, manage the directory, support member investors through Partnership resources, monitor needs of member investors, and provide events and development seminars.

Management Committee
Carries out essential business as assigned by the Board of Directors; a committee that directly supports the Board on request.

Awards Committee
Mission: Manages the award criteria, selection process, and reviewing of applications for various awards provided to members, businesses, and communities in Wright County.

Golf Committee

Please contact us at 763-496-5632 to serve on any of the above committees. Involvement is strongly encouraged. These proactive, fun, and efficient committees truly support the mission of the Partnership for everyone’s gain.